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Another beautiful day at Guadalupe, sunny and warm. Getting a bit more wrap around today and looks to be blowing pretty good outside of the bay but just a light wind in the bay.
Sharking yesterday afternoon was really good. 3 great white sharks around the submersible cage for the whole afternoon.
This morning so far has been even better. 3 or 4 sharks around and getting lots of great surface action as well. One really big dominant male in particular has been around all morning and getting in close to all the cages. Really really good right now. Horizon and Solmar V are  here today as well .
Planning on one more day here tomorrow then heading for San Benitos tomorrow night.
– Captain Gordon
So there we were, minding our own business, when OH MY GOD THERE’S A SHARK RIGHT BESIDE THE CAGE!!! Not in the brochure. Best dive ever!
– Alex Tanz
What a great way to start a day! Five Great White Sharks entertaining us! Diving with the Great Whites has been amazing. This is our second trip to Guadalupe with the Nautilus Explorer and I am sure we will be back for a third year in a row. The Great Whites have been extremely exciting and we have been thrilled with each dive!   When we are not in the water we have enjoyed the delicious food and the wonderful hospitality of the fantastic crew.  The crew has taken such excellent care of us! This live-aboard trip is our fourth trip on the Nautilus. (We also enjoyed two trips to Socorro with them.) We will be back! Lucky us!
– Jan Hoffman

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