Breathtaking. Mesmerizing. I just kept playing footage of the great white shark I saw over and over on my laptop. I will never forget this experience.

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Kevin sage diving Great white sharks with the Nautilus Explorer Guadalupe Island is not a quick trip. Something like 180 miles off the coast of Mexico. Over 20 hours on a boat. And yet a 2.5 second encounter can make it all worth it. Several others said the same thing today. After that dive, I could leave happy! On my morning dive today, I met Meli. He spent the entire dive with our group, but there was 2.5 seconds of it that I couldn’t even fully appreciate until I watched the footage and slowed it down. Breathtaking. Mesmerizing. I just keep playing it over and over on my laptop. Here’s a still photo from the video. I witnessed this moment from 3 feet away, and I’ll never forget it! (picture to come soon)!!!
Kevin Sage
Dive Your Planet
Franklin, TN
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I cant believe how much the divers have been eating! They spend their entire day just sitting in the deep cages watching great white sharks swim back and forth.
You think they would be full after eating 2 breakfasts, a huge deli lunch with fresh homemade bread then spending the afternoon snacking on chicken wings, warm cookies and vegetable trays.  But guess what, they are still eager for dinner, I can tell you first hand that watching great white sharks must really build up an appetite because after cocktail hour I stuff them with my slow cooked roast beef, scalloped potatoes, garlic prawns and home made caesar salad. The lucky ones even saved room for dessert – my Mexican cream flan.
This is the best part of my day, because I now get to watch all the guest try to get up from the dinner tables and make there way slowly down to their bunks, belly’s full!!!!!
– Chef Enrique

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