Guadalupe Island season is truly a magical time. The ship is vibrant and guests are grinning ear to ear. I have been diving 38 years and today was one of my best ever!

Dan Orr 3w
When you couple together the Big female and curious male White Sharks along with four cages loaded with guests from sunrise to sundown, the Ship is vibrant.  There is nothing better than to greet a guest as they surface from the cage. Its all about the smiles grinning from ear to ear and the comments that are fired out as soon as the regulator falls out of their mouths.  This after noon a guest and good friend of mine popped his head out of the water with news for the back deck.  He was so excited as he gaspped for a breath to assist with putting together a few words and the first thing to come out of his mouth was “AHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAH”, followed by ” LUCY, LUCY, she was coming and then a male came right past her and WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!”. After that its straight to the camrea table for a second look.   As a crew member, these are the moments we cherish and strive!
– Mate,  Shaun
What a day of diving at Guadalupe !! 5 very active sharks this afternoon, 3 of them were young males, they seamed to want to check everything out , they even nudged at the cages as if they had never seen them before,  non of them had tags. Who knows maybe these guys are new to the island?  We even had 2 dolphins that stayed with the cages for about 20 minutes but they did not get the attention they deserved due to the amount of sharks zooming this way and that !  What a great day!
– Captian Tim
We had an absolutely fantastic day.  On our last dive, there were three Great Whites that bumped the cages and kept us all active trying to see them all.  This was one of the best dives I’ve ever had!
– Dan Orr – Diving with the great whites at Guadalupe off the Nautilus Explorer !!
Still pictures and movies will not explain this experience. Five  White Sharks, a Mako, tuna , beautiful scenery and most importantly, the crew is beyond excellent. This truly is a wonderful experience.
This is my 11th year coming to Guadalupe.  Every year, we say it can’t get any better but it has and this is only day #1!  The day started off slow, but finished beyond belief.  5 sharks on one dive and all close to the cages.  Stand by for day #2.
– Ejs
I’ve been diving over 38 years and have logged thousands of dives.  I had the two best I have ever had today.   It is impossible to describe the rush you get when you are looking down the throat of a 17 to 18 foot great white shark coming right at you!   To truly appreciate the power and grace of these majestic creatures you have to see them up close and personal.  Video does not do them justice.
– Bill Mitchell, American Underwater Products

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