So we stopped in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, turned off the engines and dove into the water for a swim!

The lost ROCK from XDivers Rodrigo Figueiredo on Vimeo.
On our way to Roca Partida we stop to take a swim the weather was so calm and the sun was out. There was nothing much to do but tan on the top deck and just wait patiently to see what Roca Partida had for us. Trust me I was as excited just as much as everyone was, it didn’t really matter if  I have done it hundreds of times. Just to let you all know that this is my type of  delicious water temp, I love it. We arrive at about two in the the afternoon just in time for us to make two dives. Well I was on the first zodiac, I was more than ready to get in and show everyone what I normally see. First we saw a school of Galapagos sharks, silkies, white tips, and a hug school of jacks. The water temp was 82F the vis was 100 plus, what more can I ask for? Well everyone was happy and saw a lot of stuff and they didn’t have to wear there 7 mm suit . We didn’t have to tell anyone to get ready they were ready to go and do it again. I was on the third zodiac and I just said that I wanted to get dropped off at the south tip of the rock and as I looked down guess what? A humongous whale shark was below us and I got everyone’s attention and the fingers, cameras, memory sticks they were running hot and the fingers were non-stop. I just stayed in one spot and memory stick in my head just taking it in. We had the whale shark for the whole entire dive; I got to see it 3 times and it just kept making circles around the rock, it was a female and she looked like she was ready to give birth. We were all hoping that she would stay for the next day so we could have a dive of a lifetime again. Well I will keep you all posted.
– Dm Juan The Only One

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