Today I got to fulfill my diving dream of 12 years and went scuba diving with a whale shark!

Christian Horl11w
Ich habe heute, nach ueber 12 Jahren und vielen, vielen Tauchgaengen, meinen ersten Walhai gesehen!!!
Endlich! Ich habe sooooooooooooooooooooo lange darauf gewartet!
Er war riesig und vor allem wunderschoen!!! Ich werde Roca Partida nie vergessen.

After 12 years of diving (albeit on and off while I was at University due to lack of funds) I finally got to see the awesome and serene beauty of a massive whale shark as it glided by Roca Partida. We arrived yesterday at Roca Partida and the guests kept coming back to the boat cheering loudly, waving their arms with tales of whale sharks, hammer heads, silkies, and Galapagos sharks. Today I got to experience it for myself! Within the first 18 minutes of the dive I saw all the above mentioned sharks, moray eels, trigger fish, trumpet fish, all sorts of jacks, barracuda, massive black jacks, porgys, chubs, butterflyfish, damselfish, giant hawkfish, adorable panamic fanged blennys, Moorish idols, yellow tail surgeonfish, pufferfish, and my favorites, spotted boxfish among many many more! It was really hard to know where to look, at the wall and the overabundance of life or out into the blue at the mantas, and whale sharks. At one point I came upon a whole pile of white tipped reef sharks, all stacked up on each other. Lobsters filled the cracks where there were no eels and spotted boxfish furiously beat their fins to stay in place. Curious Mexican hogfish were very interested in my fingers and filefish kept on coming up to me for a closer look. I had one of the best dives of my life today!
– Tiare Boyes

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