It's not easy to describe Roca Partida; it just has to be experienced. The water is warm (80F), the visibility is great (80+ft) and these two facts are far from the best part.

Christian Horl33w
The undersea life here is simply stunning.  Today we saw 5 different species of sharks, abundant fish, a giant manta. It was a big day for me personally, as I saw my first hammerhead shark and my first whale shark.  It was also my first dive with no bottom reference.  We spent most of our time around 70-80 feet, swimming within 20-30 feet of the rock.  The deep blue color of the water combined with never quite knowing what was going to swim by next was mesmerizing.
I feel humbled to have been to this place, which still seems untouched by man.
-Alexis Kahn
I saw the whale shark three times at Roca Partida! We were waiting on one side of the dive site and the whale was swimming around the rock passing by us each time. It was beautiful. We saw silver tips, hammer heads, silkies, Galapagos and white tipped reef sharks.
Silkies, Hammer heads, white tipped reef sharks and whale sharks! I looked up and there were Galapagos sharks above me silver tips below me and in the distance came a whale shark so large it looked like a bus! On our first dive we saw a manta too! Today was my first whale shark so I was very excited!
– Johnny – Diving off the Nautilus Explorer at Roca!

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