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  • Schooling hammerheads delight at Socorro. Photo by Dan Tirtowidjojo

    100+ Schooling Hammerheads and Mantas Everywhere

    A massive group of schooling Hammerheads joined another massive group of schooling hammerheads and then there were over 100 sharks swimming close together in the misty water.

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  • Today I got to fulfill my diving dream of 12 years and went scuba diving with a whale shark!

    Ich habe heute, nach ueber 12 Jahren und vielen, vielen Tauchgaengen, meinen ersten Walhai gesehen!!! Endlich! Ich habe sooooooooooooooooooooo lange darauf gewartet! Er war riesig und vor allem wunderschoen!!! Ich werde Roca Partida nie vergessen. -Meike After 12 years of diving (albeit on and off while I was at University due to lack of funds) I finally got to see the awesome and serene beauty of a massive whale shark as it glided by Roca Partida. We arrived yesterday at Roca Partida and the guests kept coming back to the boat cheering loudly, waving their arms with tales of whale…

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