Our first ever sighting of a thresher shark at the Boiler dive site (Socorro Island). wahooooo!!

Christian Horl31w
We have made an overnight crossing from San Benedicto to Roca Partida and we are arriving just as the sun comes up. It is going to be a warm day under clear sunny skies. The last two days we have had some great diving, a few hammerhead sharks in at the cleaning stations at the canyon but pretty much every dive we have been blessed with giant Mantas at both the the Canyon and the Boiler. We also had a rarer day time sighting of a thresher shark at the Boiler. We had one dive the first day at the boiler that we had strong current but all dives yesterday were under the guise of almost perfect conditions. Water temp has been 26-27 C vis never less than 50′ even at the canyon which can get upwellings of fine white volcanic ash. The Boiler was at least 80-100′ and is was stunning to see the entire top of the boiler when we dropped in. Well it is time to go for dive briefing to start our next adventure at Roca Partida.
– Captain Al

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