Say what?? Giant 100 year old, wise turtle with a scraped up shell the size of a coffee table….. Loving life

Joel Ibarra9

The trip started off with a creamy smooth sailing to Socorro and San Benedicto Islands, with dolphins along the bow for tidbits at a time to bring us in.  As we approached San Ben, it was nearing night fall, and not only did we have a magnificent sunset to salute our beautiful day, but the opposing horizon, a full moon to welcome a calm and crystal clear night.  Dive day one started out just as smoothly as our sail to San Ben, jumping right off the stern into El Fondarero.  After nice check dive, with a sandy bottom, and massive 50ft diameter boulders to weave around to get adjusted while swarmed with fish.  Just around the corner of this Particular Gargantuan rock, lay a Gargantuan Sea Turtle!  Saying to myself first of all, Say Whaaat!  (Turtles being not so common around Socorro) And secondly, Ohhh man, if this turtle could talk! I bet he would have countless amazing stories, since he must have been no less than 100 years old!  Barnacles are growing on his battered, chipped and scraped up shell no smaller than your average coffee table, while also having only half a tail.  Being pretty darned sure I know a wise old turtle when I see one! What a beaut.  Enough about dive one already, because that one was simply a warm up.  Wrapping around to the west side to the Boiler, we had no Idea what was in store for us. I know I went off about the giant Mantas last trip. But sorry guys this undoubtedly topped it yet again.   All my wildest Mantasies came true.  For the remaining three dives of the day we had no less than 4, and up to 8 Mantas encompassing us!  These massive phenomenal creatures floating every which way you could look, even sneaking up on you! I never thought something so large could surprise you in such a way, jolting you with excitement, only to jolt yet again once another 90 degrees turned.  I was in absolute shock; seriously having to pinch myself to make sure it was not only a dream.   But, even my dreams couldn’t justify how remarkable this was.  Loving LIFE!

DM Joel

“Oh my goodness!! They were everywhere, and right from the beginning and it never stopped!  So Beautiful!”  -Nicole

“That was the most amazing experience of my life!”  – Anne

“I still can’t believe that just happened!! The mantas are to die for!”  -Wei

“WOW, simply, WOW” -Jeff

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