I like it when we get repeat clients, many of whom come often to the Nautilus Explorer. It makes me love my job..

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When we started this trip I was very glad, because I’ve known most of the group for many years. I like when people repeat the trips and return often to the Nautilus Explorer, and it makes me love my job. When I pick divers up, I ask them how the dive was… most of the time they say, “AMAZING!”
There is always something different to see. The divers are extremely happy when they see giant mantas and hammerheads.
In this trip at San Benedicto Island, the divers saw hammerhead sharks and dolphins at the Canyon. The boiler is the other dive site, and its very good for mantas. Divers love the Boiler.
At Roca Partida we had  great dive days: hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, silver tip sharks, silky sharks and giant mantas. The highlight of the trip was the whale shark. This friendly giant of the ocean wasn’t shy at all and the divers enjoyed this magnificent  animal, taking pictures and video.
The archipelago of Revillagigedo is an excellent choice to dive and we (Nautilus Explorer) are the best option to go and visit. The best proof are the blogs of the people that come and dive with us.
Your friend,
Hernan Parra, Deckhand

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