I'm a non-morning person. But the squeaky wheels on our dawn dive were quieted within 5 minutes by the epic dolphins and giant mantas..

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After an uneventful crossing, with light winds and a little chop, this week of diving started out with an epic day at San Benedicto Island.  Prior to our 2nd breakfast, we had an early, first dive at the Canyon.  Non-morning person, squeaky wheels, were quieted within the first 5 minutes by dolphin and giant mantas.  We were still riding high when next we hit the water at the boiler, where 5 mantas hung with us till we had to retreat back to the boat for another feeding.  The boiler action was especially sweet to see as the last time I saw the boiler it had fishing nets wrapped around it.  Something I hope never to experience again…
Socorro Island was temporarily closed so, at the end of day 2, we headed straight for Roca Partida.  We arrived at sunrise and jumped right away.  With calm seas, light current and 75 to 77 degree water, we had great diving that day…lots of silver tips, Galapagos and the ever-present, resident, white tip sharks.
Over our three days at Roca Partida, we had Galapagos, silver tip, white tip, silky sharks, plus, hundreds of hammerheads, schools of giant tuna, and wahoo, on pretty much every dive.  The last two days, add to that, a 30’+/- whale shark and friendly mantas who were very reluctant to let us go…all this with very little current.  It was amazing.
Socorro stayed closed so we were able to spend 3 days out there.  What a treat!!!  FULL MOON, on calm seas, drinking wine in the hot tub, at Roca Partita.  That is epic, and magical, in and of itself.  We had the extra luck though of some really cool diving, great photo ops and perfect conditions.
The 75 to 77 degree water was consistent at both San Benedictio and Roca Partita.  I brought my 5 mm suit and hooded vest, just in case, but had zero need for a hood or vest.  The 5 mill was just right.  We’re making our crossing back to Cabo right now on totally flat seas.
I’ve been diving off the Nautilus for 9 years now and, I can’t help but say, nothing has diminished in service, quality of crew, or amenities over all that time.  It has only become more fine-tuned and excellent, with no corner cutting, especially when it comes to the crew, to safety and (most importantly) food.  I always feel safe and well fed in their hands!  It’s always fun (like a homecoming) to see long-time friends/crew, like Hernan, Enrique, Carmen, Gordon, who we have known for many years…and the newer crew members who we hope to know for many more.
The group, of course, always makes a difference.  This was an excellent trip with my friends that will be remembered over many excellent trips, thanks to a great group of people, professional crew, and top-notch diving operation.  Thank you…
-Cindy Rhodes, Santa Barbara, California

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