The giant manta was laughing at me

Fantastic morning on the water. Solo snorkeler on board, but great experience today. Mantas on the surface, curious dolphins, and a WHALE SHARK! Couldn’t ask for more. Thanks to Captain Shaun and crew for looking after me.
–Anastasia Valos

Mantas, mantas and more mantas!! The afternoon dives were incredible. Giant mantas coming and going around us all the time. Lobsters, school of jacks and hammerheads. Water is perfect, clean and hot. Can wait for tomorrow dives. Wish my Corujito were here with me. Next time. 😉
 –Ana Flavia Pantalena

Incredible experience! I could not believe that we spent almost 1 hour dancing with mantas! Mantas all around, also white tip sharks doing their part…. I don’t want to wake up…
 –Damian Ramallo

Today I was dancing with Giant Mantas. Now, anyone that knows me knows, I can’t dance. So here is how it happened. I was singing loudly underwater and a couple of Mantas came over, looking at me like “seriously dude!? Don’t you know that your singing is not only a crime against humanity but the entire animal kingdom?” So I immediately stopped and started dancing with them. This caused one of them to shake his entire body, fintip to fintip. I think he was laughing at me!

Anyway, despite my complete lack of talent for either singing or dancing, the Mantas stuck around for the better part of an hour, circling back to me over and over again. … Maybe they just wanted to make sure I would not start again 😉

I can’t wait for our dives at Socorro tomorrow!

–Martin Graf

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