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  • Mantas dance above divers at Socorro. Photo by Kim Nilsson Davidsson

    Guests Complete Their Bucket Lists at Socorro

    There are not many places in the world where you’ll be looking at a pile of sharks, get distracted by a gang of hammerheads, check your air, then look down to see 5 mantas gracefully dancing beneath you.

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  • A giant manta flies over divers

    Diving with Santa and Giant Mantas!

    The first dive was out of this world. Mantas, and curious hammerheads were everywhere in El Canyon.

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  • The giant manta was laughing at me

    Fantastic morning on the water. Solo snorkeler on board, but great experience today. Mantas on the surface, curious dolphins, and a WHALE SHARK! Couldn’t ask for more. Thanks to Captain Shaun and crew for looking after me. –Anastasia Valos Mantas, mantas and more mantas!! The afternoon dives were incredible. Giant mantas coming and going around us all the time. Lobsters, school of jacks and hammerheads. Water is perfect, clean and hot. Can wait for tomorrow dives. Wish my Corujito were here with me. Next time. 😉  –Ana Flavia Pantalena Incredible experience! I could not believe that we spent almost 1…

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