Great White Sharks Each and Every Dive

Stunning! Day one in the books and never a dull moment. Each dive is jam-packed with something new and exciting, even when you think each great white shark is down deep you get a nice surprise sneaking up behind you! Being able to dive with each diver on the Nautilus Explorer makes it even more worthwhile. Seeing each reaction from them as the day progresses is one of the best feelings of being a DM. Looking forward to the dives in the morning!
–DM Ryan W.

nautilus crew

Unreal!! For our first day here at Guadalupe, I think its safe to say that we saw seven different Great White Sharks, five of those seven at ONE time, was not a bad start! More like freakin’ amazing! A nice mix of pretty young juveniles, and a few 16ft rugged Giant Males. It was also a very nice surprise to see a young female great white shark this early on in the Season. What a beauty! Frisky little thing too! As she began to swoop around the cages, sporadically changing directions, all eyes were on her. It’s the young ones you really need to keep an eye on. Uncertain, and extremely curious, they are very hard to read. Sharks each and every dive of the day, laughs and great company. Simply marvellous. It’s going to be a tough one to beat, but I can’t wait for day two! Bring it ON!
–DM Joel

Today was a blast! It was the first day of diving here in Guadalupe, 26 bucket lists just became smaller. There were 8 different sharks today, each one coming up close and personal. Who can ask for a more perfect day than that? I cannot wait to see what the rest of the trip has to hold for us.
–DM Ryan H.

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