Good Fun: First Day Dives

First time on a Nautilus boat, 4th time on a liveaboard. Multiple trips to the Pacific. The lower end rooms are large and at 6’6” I am very comfortable. The dive masters did a better job than I was expecting. I have been on pacific liveaboards that you have minimal guidance in currents. Entrance into the zodiac and out is well orchestrated with good safety rules.
Totally different diving than Indonesia or the Philippines. I was pleased to see variety of angels and butterfly fish in a environment with minimal soft and hard coral. Multiple resting white tip reef sharks, 3 mantas, hammerheads, and good fun on the first day. Diving depths are generally deeper so Nitrox certification is a good idea. I am using a 7mm but many people are comfortable in a 5mm. Temps 75.
Trip leader for Aquatic World of Syracuse NY

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