Ending the season in Los Islotes

Well it’s the last trip of the season in my favorite boat, Nautilus Explorer.
We’ve been having a lot of fun; our guests in this trip are awesome. They are enjoying every dive site we go to. Now we end this day of diving in Los Islotes, where the sea lions were very playful. The big males got close and puppies swam around our group and bit the guests’ fins. One of this cute sea lions even gave a kiss to Jeff’s head – it was so funny!
Apart from the funny Labradors of the ocean, we found lots of fishes: schools of goat fish, yellow pargos, a nice big school of pacific barracudas, big groupers passed by, and tons of reef fishes. Once we started ascending those playful puppies came to us to say good-bye. Every time, every dive, it’s a wonderful experience.
– DM Luis Moreno

By Nautilus Staff

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