Day 3 Aboard the Nautilus Explorer

As day three comes to a close, so does the end of another great trip aboard the Explorer. Unlike last trip, the trip started off with a hiss and a roar. By the end of the first dive we had spotted 2 different sharks, and by the end of the day we had 4 hanging around our cages and hassling our wranglers. We had lots of juvenile two-to-three and a half meter sharks hanging around this trip, which made for some very entertaining viewing from the submersibles and the surface cages. The Wranglers had their work cut out for them as younger sharks are much more aggressive, and will generally make a lot of quick turns and fast approaches during their attempts at our baits. This makes keeping the five kilo tuna heads away from the sharks hungry mouths quite the mission. So far we have had one definite re-sighting from last season, and a couple more from last week. Awesome guests and awesome sharks make for another awesome trip. Looking forward to getting back out here.
– DM Sam Brakenridge, New Zealand

Photo credit –  John Mulzet

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