Welcome Back to Guadalupe

Back to Guadalupe, to dive with the great whites. As always it never let us down. Sometimes we have a slow start but once it picks up, the fun never stops. Today we had three sharks, all of them very active, going constantly for the wrangler, and coming really close to the cages. A day full of fun, laughs and very happy faces, just a beautiful day …
– DM Peter

The visibility was better then the first day and much more life underwater. I am very impressed how the great white is more beautiful and smarter then we would have thought! We had the opportunity to dive this afternoon with 4 sharks around the cage that was just amazing. I can see everyone happy and smiling after each dive, and that gives us a lot of power to continue to help them and enjoy this adventure with them. I am really impatient to go back underwater to see our beautiful and great white sharks all together!!!
– DM Pierrick Cunin

By Nautilus Staff

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