How was your Second day in Guadalupe?

Tell us how was your second dive day in Guadalupe:
“It was amazing…saw three sharks all at once, and got an awesome video of a shark attacking the bait and shaking its head with the tuna in its mouth! I stayed in the cage for 2 ½ because there was so much action in the water with all three sharks. It was hard to keep track of all of them at the same time. Overall it was a great day!”
“Literally the most unreal experience of my life. I have dreamed about seeing White Sharks my whole life and this topped every reoccurring dream I have had since I was a child. They are so magnificent and beautiful. It is breathtaking. Not to mention the crew! They already feel like family. They are so accommodating, professional and friendly. Thank you all SO much for making my dreams reality.”
– Rick and Bianca

I am one of the lucky ones to see Guadalupe and the great white sharks. It has been a dream ever since I became a divemaster to encounter these animals. I am very grateful to be with such an amazing crew in this location and I am looking forward to many more trips.
– DM Florian

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