Great Whites: Peaceful and Feisty

The boat is comfortable; there is a large cozy covered dining room, the back deck is spacious with a large middle desk for cameras to rest on. At the top, there is a chilling area and a hot tub, which is very much appreciated after the dives in the cold water. The crew is very kind and we can ask anything to anyone of the crew members and they are very happy to help. Adriana is always smiling and made sure of our well-being on the boat. The food is good. The presentation on Guadalupe by Divemaster Rodolfo was very interesting, and we like the fact that they are in a partnership with the marine biologist who studies the sharks to have a better understand of this beautiful animal.
The organization of dives is very good, the equipment given out is in good shape. It is very nice to be able to use the surface cage whenever you like, but also to have the possibility to keep the submersible cages stay at the surface if there is more shark activity at the surface. Jorge was very skillful and funny with the tuna heads. Our first day of diving was fantastic with sharks seen every dive from in the morning till the end of the diving schedule. It is impressive to see great white sharks, such huge and majestic animals, being so peaceful around the submersible cages, and more feisty and excited due to the food, at the surface trying to bite off the tuna heads. The second day, sadly it was a case of “London fog”; the visibility was not good at all, and there weren’t many sharks around.
– Patrice, Nathalie, Hugo & Guillaume Najbor, France

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Hi Fletcher,
Currently the water temperatures are around 70 in the submersible cages.

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