great white shark misses the tuna bait

The sharks are spectacular!

My wife and I boarded the Undersea Hunter two days ago. First day was travelling to Guadalupe Island. Into the cage yesterday morning.
The crew has two cages on a schedule to make sure everyone has an equal chance to participate, but there is also a surface cage that is open anytime you get the urge. The sharks are spectacular; several times they have cruised by us within 6 feet. When you have one locked in your camera sights, another will slither around behind you! Everyone is scheduled 4 times and we got in the water 6 times.
We have traveled a lot and cannot remember having a crew as good as this one. Friendly and accommodating to a fault. Really, if the sharks didn’t show up, we would have been happy with the gourmet food and endless towels (warm out of the dryer) on the deck.
Beer is also quite reasonably priced at $3.75 for local brew!
Looking forward to more of the same!
– Bob and Debbie from Winnipeg, Canada.

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