Dive with the most powerful animals!

Hello Nautilus –
Arriving for this five day excursion, I will say I was pessimistic and scared to say the least. Having only been a fisherman and body surfer, I had never experienced a dive before. Not to mention a dive with most powerful animals in the ocean, the Great White Sharks. To my surprise, while they are hungry hunting beasts, I was shocked to see how serene and calculated they were under the surface. After jumping into the surface cage to quell my initial fears, I was hooked and proceeded to enter the cage at all opportunities. Truly a majestic experience that will have me coming back for the “Big Mamas” in the late fall.
The crew was as passionate about their work as anyone could hope for. Under the leadership of Captain Aaron, who leads by example, the crew tirelessly engages with each guest to ensure they have the ultimate experience. Be it the food (amazing Chef Poncho), the dive assistance (Juan, Hector, Rodolfo), the all around baiting, cleaning, joke (Jorge), or the hostess with a 24-hour smile on her face (Adriana) – you cannot go wrong by selecting the professionalism on the Nautilus. Finally, I’ve yet to find the comfort of these beds and quarters in most hotels, let alone a ship. Nice job on the reconstruction/remodel of the Nautilus Under Sea.
Thank you and hope to see you again soon,
The Fearful Skeptic
– Jeff Sanguinet

Photo by Louis John Gimenez

By Nautilus Staff

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