Trip Recaps – Unforgettable Sharks!

Trip 108
Feels like collecting sharks and more sharks at Guadalupe! This trip we saw some familiar faces from last few years, such as The Joker and Sad Face. They were very bold trying to catch the bait, and very gentle in gliding next to the cages, to the delight of our divers!
Trip 109
As we sailed from Ensenada the weather started to pick up. But not to worry, at the Spanish Bay of Guadalupe we still found perfect conditions for cage diving with the Great White Sharks. Viz would change according to the wind and currents, but these sharks didn’t seen to mind. Sometimes it was really thrilling when you couldn’t see much, and a Great White Shark over 14 feet would surprise you right next to your cage, eye to eye with you!
Trip 110
This trip could be the beginning of the upcoming season of Guadalupe. Big Females just started to arrive. We saw a big female with “love marks” over her right side, could that reinforce the theory that those sharks are here to mate? We still couldn’t positive identify this shark by photos, looking forward to see her again during the next days. We also had a juvenile female for a glance.
– DM Felipe
Trip 111
The first thing you notice about the Belle Amie is the professional set up of both the crew and ship. They are well-organized, polite, and will go out of their way to please.
Climbing into the cages to view the sharks up close and personal is not an experience that I will ever forget. You are excited to see the “old” friends from yesterday and the new faces to help ID that night. Truly mesmerizing.
– Matthew Shack, Edson AB,

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