Appreciation for grace and power

Amazing diving. Saw 5 great white sharks at the same time on one dive. I enjoyed the fact that I had 2 different experiences (and photos) when diving from the deep cage versus the surface cage. The sharks come in so close that you can see every detail of their faces and bodies. This was my first experience with great white sharks, and it completely surpassed my expectations. I definitely have a deeper appreciation for the grace and power of this beautiful creature. Thank you Jorge, Juan, Rodolfo, Hector, Ramon, Rey, Jesus, Adriana, Felipe, and Sergio for making this an unparalleled experience!
–David Ford, Columbia, SC, USA

After 21 years of diving, by far one of the best experiences ever had underwater. Crew were fantastic, enthusiastic, and always willing to lend a hand in any situation no matter what their role on the vessel. I would recommend this trip and crew to anyone looking for an unforgettable life experience. Looking forward to diving with this crew again soon.
–Doug Maynard, Victoria, BC, Canada

This was my first time cage diving and the experience surpassed my expectations; blew my skirt up, so to speak! I am amazed at how close the great whites come to the cages, even bumping into them on occasion. As usual, the crew were outstanding and the other guests a delight.
–Julie Alexander, Toronto, ON, Canada

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