Turning split-second shark encounters into great photos

This second trip in a month to Guadalupe was again, fantastic. The conditions for photography weren’t as amazing as last time but that didn’t stop the sharks from putting on a show. 15 I think individual sharks we saw. Great Whites are spectacular and a privilege to see and dive with. The crew has been amazing and added so much value to the trip, bringing in the sharks, providing entertainment between dives/when the sharks weren’t around, and making sure all the guests are fat and happy. Divemaster Sam’s bubble rings are a thing of beauty. I love this place and thank you to Nautilus for making it even more special. I’m looking forward (impatiently) to my return trip next September on Explorer! Ahh, was also very excited to see my good buddy Captain Ramon on board, who has the magic touch bringing in the sharks.
– Matthew Sullivan,
Bluewater Photo and Travel Trip Leader

Superb voyage to Isla Guadalupe! Aboard the Nautilus Explorer with her excellent crew, and Captain Ramon Orona at the helm, and divemasters Sam, Ronald, Sai, Alistar at the stern, our group was energized by spectacular Great White Sharks. A workshop delivered by Matthew J. Sullivan, underwater photographer and trip leader, launched our excursion with much-needed technical knowledge to leverage split-second shark encounters into great photos.
Elusive, magnificent creatures, the Great Whites came within two meters of our cameras—in one instance a shark, bearing a cigar-shaped tracking device secured to its dorsal fin, looped continuous figure-eights, circling our submersible cages. Near dusk, to the delight of divers firing up cameras with sharks in the crosshairs, an energetic beast snapped at tuna, and plunged past our dive cage – terrific sight, terrifying energy—glorious Great Whites, commanders of the deep.
– Cecilia Zoltanski,

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