Getting ready for shark action!

Today was our first full day aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie sailing towards Guadalupe island. We did our safety briefings for above and below the water and had a great presentation about great white sharks delivered by Casey, a fellow Divemaster. Apart from getting to know our guests who all hail from the U.S.A and are all friends, we enjoyed possibly too much great food and a rooftop sunset to finish the day off with some wine, as a turtle lazily swam around the ship. Tonight “Jaws” is playing in the saloon as people get ready to see the giant sharks of Guadalupe tomorrow, whilst some remain on the top deck enjoying the stars and listening to the seals and sea lions call into the night. The anchor is down, the cages are in the water , the seas are calm and the water clear. I think tomorrow is gonna be a day to remember! In Guadalupe it always is!
– Divemaster Martyn

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