Bubble-blowing Sea Lions

Today we arrived at Isla Cedros a beautiful island which is like the top of a mountain range jutting up out of the surface of the sea. The Pacific was like a pond with just a hint of a breeze and nothing more as the morning sun rose into a perfectly blue sky warming our smiling faces. The island barren and beautiful for it with just a small collection of houses on a rocky point marking the fishing village of Cedros.
Apart from there, it is nothing but wilderness… oh and about a million sea lions!! Well maybe a million is an exaggeration but it sounds like it with their barks and groans filling the salty sea air. There are also quite a few elephant seals, which are massive and grow up to 1500kg plus. They also have a unique call where they forcefully breathe out but we cannot think of a word to describe it, so you will have to come and hear it for yourself.
But here is where the day gets really good. We went diving with them!! Imagine 20 plus sea lion pups and adolescents swimming around with the occasional fully grown adult coming to see whats going on too! All of them as excited and intrigued in you and your fellow divers as you are in them. Showing off their agility and marine prowess blowing bubbles as the calls from their peers above the surface are still audible as you dive! A completely magical experience!
Well if the Sea lions aren’t enough to fill a dive, which I highly doubt, you can go for a swim about and find, Horned sharks, Garibaldi, Octopus, Electric torpedo rays, guitar fish, butterfly rays, round rays, Mexican hogfish, sheepheads, lobsters and possibly even a Harbour seal! To top off a great day we had one of Nautilus’s fantastic Taco nights where we have a few drinks and some great tacos up on the sun deck and maybe a few games. You gotta come see it guys
– Divemaster Martyn

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