The Sea Lions investigate

Checkout dives started after 1PM this afternoon on the leeward side of Cedros Island. The captain anchored a short distance from a sea lion rookery on the beach and our divers hit the water in full scuba gear after a week in shark cages. Sea lions curiously investigated the group of divers in waves like ground troops in a full frontal assault at a single target. We stood still in the shallow water as sea lions darted around and all over us without a care in the world. There were all these cheerful divers on the deck after two dives at Cedros Island expressing how happy they were to have been in the water surrounded by these wonderful animals and talking about all the unique photo and video opportunities they got on this stop while en route to our final destination.
Unlike our regular itinerary, Cedros Island is only done once a year when we do our combo trip as we relocate from Guadalupe to Socorro; and only 22 divers on the Nautilus Explorer were lucky to get this opportunity. Tomorrow we are looking forward to another unique dive as the captain plans on making a dive stop at Benitos Island several miles North of this location.
– Divemaster Aldo, Belize

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