The great massive body in the distance?

Today was an amazing day!! Roca Partida with a great visibility (more than 30m) and temperature of 26c put the scenario for a potential great dives. And the expectations were not far off. The first dive the current came from south to north. Diver groups stayed in south and the current started the show. Hammerheads and schools of Galapagos came close to the rock, a perfect way to start. The second dive went the same. But then the 3rd dive came. As soon we got down in the east part of the rock at 20m a great massive body in the distance appeared. What could it be?? Then as this body mass got closer to the rock we see a great whale shark was coming. An amazing moment for every diver, and even better when 2 Mantas appeared. This made the picture even better. These kind of moments are the ones that make you realize that you need to be here. We are waiting for you.
– Divemaster Rodolfo

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