Official “Play Date”

Today was my best diving ever! It was a return trip to San Benedicto but on a new dive site “The Boiler.” You can actually see the site from the boat as it is a distinct color from the rest of the ocean. The structure of the site goes up almost to the surface and the spot shows a lighter yellow color.

Getting into the skiff was a little bit intimidating since the seas were six to eight feet but the staff on Belle Amie made easy to climb into the boat. When we first dropped in the site the visibility was excellent about 70 feet with little to no current. This was quite surprising as the surface was quite different.

Within four minutes as I was just checking my depth, a dolphin came within arms length and wanted to play. Within seconds another 5 showed up! I think we had 15-20 on the site at one time. I believe it was an official “play date.” As I turned around to take more video of the dolphins, two mantas showed up and they were trying to imitate the dolphins by diving down and up. The dolphins and mantas stayed with us for the entire dive!

This was my first time on a liveaboard dive boat and I have been so impressed with the staff and safety of the boat. The staff were there to care for our every need and they worked together very well. You could tell they really enjoy what they do. I would return to the Belle Amie again and highly recommend you give them a try. Did I mention the food was delicious!

-Francie Ray, Florida

Thanks for the great blog Francie! We are so glad you had an excellent time. If you couldn’t be diving today, enjoy the next best thing with this video all about Socorro!

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