Rewarded with Whale Shark

Day 3’s perfect conditions lured us to Roca Partida, a forbidding spike of guano covered rock stabbed into impossibly blue water.

Powerful currents waved schools of jacks and creoles like massive underwater fish flags, while half-ton silvertip sharks and tunas the size of a Harley cruised through, sizing up tomorrow’s breakfast.

The longer you can hang off the rock, the likelier you’ll be rewarded, as we were, by a curious whale shark so close it seemed like a family dog coming for a nuzzle. That is, if your family dog is 40 feet long with an eye the size of your fist.

And then, between dives, one of those joyous strokes of fortune when—off the swim deck of the Belle Amie—appeared ANOTHER whale shark, perhaps the baby of the family. This little fifteen foot tyke swam with our guests for 30 minutes as we snorkelled and splashed above, making adorable memories for the crew and divers.

– Robert May, California

By Nautilus Guests

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