Guest Comments from Socorro 2018

We have had some amazing people onboard this Socorro season. Here is a small collection of the lovely comments they have left for us. You can read more reviews here.

After a long journey from Cabo, we were treated to the arrival in San Benedicto. It was as if we had arrived on the moon. This is something from an old science fiction movie, however, the sea is deep blue and alive with treasures. Perhaps the best part of this trip is the wonderful crew, making sure that we have the finest in food and drink after each dive. There is no end to their care, concern, and kindness in the pursuit of your best dive vacation.

The days start at 0600 hrs with great coffee and the promise of the wildest diving in the Western Hemisphere. The Captain (yes, his name is Manta Rey), announces we will see everything in the latest Nautilus brochure. You might think this is just a boastful promise, but today we experienced three types of manta encounters, five different sharks and a pod of false killer whales. You owe it to yourself to take this magical voyage into the rarely-visited part of our world. Leave your cell phone, hang up on the internet, kiss the modern world behind and discover the wonders of the deep.

–Bill & Carol Murphy, Bradenton, Florida

We are just returning from an extraordinary trip to the Revillagigedo Archipelago. Everything about this trip was extraordinary. The Nautilus Belle Amie is a beautiful dive vessel with extremely comfortable staterooms and meals that would be comparable to many fine restaurants. The crew are truly guest-oriented and are some of the best I’ve seen in years of dive travel to all parts of the world. The divemasters are, without a doubt, some of the most well trained and safety-conscious I have had the pleasure of diving with. Every under the most challenging diving conditions, the dive staff are there to make each and every experience safe and enjoyable. In 15 trips with Nautilus, I have never been disappointed and I am looking forward to my next adventure with them!

–Dan Orr, Dan Orr Consulting

📷 By Dan Orr

This, I believe, is roughly my 21st liveaboard and it definitely ranks as one, if not, the highest! The wonderful crew is extremely helpful, nothing is ever too much trouble. The knowledge of the dive sites is evident, as we get the most from it, capturing all of the marine life in their habitat. I especially find the tannoy system useful for giving plenty of time to be ready for the next dive or MEAL! The food is awesome. Always plenty of it. Keep it up guys you’ve make the trip for us…….well the sharks, mantas, etc have really!

–Russell, UK

What a fantastic day of diving at the Boiler for our last day of the trip. One dive with mantas, one dive with dolphins and our last dive surrounded by sharks. It could not get any better. Thanks to all the divemasters for your continuous dedicated assistance and thanks to all the staff for pampering us all week.

–Julie & Jean, Longueuil, Canada

To the wonderful crew of the Nautilus,

Thank you for making our dive trip on board so special. I am looking at you working these long hours, full of energy, giving us, your guests, a warm feeling of family, always with a smile. The girls welcome us each morning, knowing and remembering what each of us would like to eat and drink. Our cabins are clean and organized and they pay attention to serve us until the last guest has gone to bed, always with a smile.

Going diving, an adventure with well-trained guys, who help in any possible way, driving us safely in not always calm seas, giving us the secure feeling of safe dives, knowing at all times where the divers are. Important! On board, they let us know if there any shark or dolphin activity around. There are happy, funny and always with a smile.

We eat, before, between and after dives – we eat well, very well. Excellent food, good variety, served in a way which makes you want to eat even if you are not so hungry. The chef takes care of all the guests’ wishes, no diary food, no gluten, vegetarian food if you wish. You can see him in his work and he is always with a smile.

And there is the rest of the crew that we don’t see, who take care of the vessel, who sails it days and nights to all the wonderful dive sites. I am sure they are always with a smile.

Thank you again for a great week.

–Orly, Avi & Tal

By Nautilus Guests

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