New Divers Meet Great Whites at Guadalupe

We had one of the best trips of our lives these past couple days. The divemasters did a great job in helping my daughter & I dive for the first time. Neither of us was certified divers, so they took the time to explain the process with us and make sure we could enjoy ourselves in the water.

This experience was spectacular, and I hope that I get the chance to do this again. From the Captain to the whole rest of the crew, everyone made sure we were comfortable and well taken care of. I would recommend this trip, ship and crew to everyone. It is a must do! Thanks again for letting us come aboard and gaining memories that will last a lifetime!

–Jake & Qyra Garrison

It was amazing! Looking at the huge island for the first time is something you will never forget. Looking at the great white shark moving freely around the boat is indescribable, they look so huge and so light at the same time! You get a bit of a scare, a bit of excitement and a bit of empathy all at once. I guess no words can really let you know how you feel until you are in the water right next to one, two or four sharks trying to get a piece of bait and coming back to you to check you out! It is something you’ll never ever forget!

–Alma Liss S. Quinones

My time on the boat has been great. We’ve discovered the secrets of Nautilus, including your endless supply of liquor and bedsheets. Also, we are slightly disappointed that the crew failed to mention the monopoly game hidden from the guests, and now that we’ve found it, we intend to use it to its full potential. We’ve also watched all of the ocean-themed movies. Divemaster Martyn is a little crazy but in a good way. He just told me that Martin is spelt with a ‘y,’ and he just lost some points.

I’ve never seen the great white sharks and I must say I’m quite impressed. I was expecting something at least the size of the megalodon, but I guess these will do. I like how they jump up like dolphins and steal Martyn’s tuna. I also saw a tiny little fish with a circular chunk of its stomach cut out, exposing its intestines. It was swimming just fine with the beautiful school of fish.

Honestly, though, the great white sharks were mesmerising. The crew takes great care of us, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Laurentina and Adriana are such amazing hostesses, and the whole dive and boat crew treat us like kings and queens. Thank you, Nautilus! <3

–Alice Drozd  

O primeiro dia foi incrivel, muito melhor do que nos esperavamos. A gente viu 5 tubaroes no mergulho da manha, e outros tubaroes em todos os mergulhos, com muito mais atividades do que esperavamos. E tudo muito Seguro! Estou adorando, muito animado para os proximos dias!

–Felipe Grabowsy, Brazil

Una experiencia inolvidable. Todo el crew muy amable y siempre atentos a cualquier situacion que alguien necesitara. Todos nos hicieron pasar una muy buena semana que quedara siempre en el recuerdo. Gracias por sus atenciones y esperamos verlos nuevamente en otro viaje.


Muchas gracias por ser parte de un sueno que se empezo a planaer hace un anio con mis sobrinos la verdad es que todos los involucrados en el Nautilus son personas especiales cada uno en su trabajo y siempre dando lo mejor de cada uno para cada uno de los pasajeros esperamos verles proximamente y seguir en este nuevo trip de vida gracias siempree gracias a todos y cada uno de uds y a la compania por lograr suenos.


Desde el abordaje una experiencia unica. Sin duda uno de los viajes mas increibles de mi vida. Atencion y servicio de lujo. Alimentos de primera calidad y una tripulacion muy amigable y amable, siempre atentos y serviciales en todo momento. Ver a los tiburones es algo que jamas imagine que haria y ahora que lo vivi sigo sin poder creerlo. Gracias Nautilus por la experiencia y las atenciones. Totalmente recomendable y espero volver pronto a alguno de sus viajes.


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