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Ever wonder what the great whites think of our visits to Guadalupe Island? Well one of our recent guests, Alice Drozd, did and wrote this hilarious blog from the perspective of “Kenric,” one of our all-time favourite (and rather narcissistic) toothy friends. Enjoy!

Year after year, these weird land fish from above come to our homes and ask for permission to enter. These fish are very interesting. They have appendages they call cameras that sometimes flash when we come near. Maybe they are there for protection? They even live in cages! They’re very playful too. They like throwing other fish into the water, so we play along and put on a show for them by swimming around it and showing off our breaching skills.

Eventually, though, the game gets old and we get hungry, so we just take the tuna. There’s this weird Martyn character, as they call him, who makes strange sounds whenever we swim close, but I think he’s just excited.

Anyways, I love these fishies because they think they are so smart, but we just let them think that so they keep coming and entertaining us. They’re like a circus, and I like the circus.

–Great white shark Kenric (by Alice Drozd)


📷 By Rita Montiero of Kenric

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