We see more humpback whales this year!

We get (I think) about 2000 humpback whales to the Revillagigedo. They first come in December and start to return in the end of April. Here they come to give birth, to mate, to fight for the beautiful coming mother humpbacks, breach, dance. They de-lice themselves as well in the warm water. Up in the north they get covered by an ugly looking tick, about 1 cm long whale lice. They also sing. Especially the males in a sound variation that sounds like a roaring lion to a squealing mouse! It is so loud and strong that when you are still about 50 meters away, your whole chest is vibrating from their song. Its impressive!

The last 4 years they have hardly come down to the islands. The water temperature in the last 4 years has been warmer. I don’t know, but the water feels colder and this year we are seeing more whales than in the last 4 years. I Just really hope they are coming back to the islands as before! Living up on the Baja peninsula, we see them all the time, all these years but they have turned up north earlier than before.

I love these whales and I hope that they put a ban on letting people in the water with what is called “soft in water encounters”. These animals are the calmest and need less stressful encounters. Harassing them with boats is very bad conduct which is what is done by some operations in Cabo. Hope one day we can go in water with them. meanwhile we really enjoyed the show from Belle!

–DM Sten the “Vikingo,” the Nautilus Belle Amie

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