The Canyon Rocks!


The Canyon (or el Canyon), one of our famous dive sites off Benedicto Island, seems to be the spot to be at the moment!! Diving has been reported as great over the past few weeks with a lot of big animal encounters!!

And luckily today was still phenomenal!! It’s our first day of diving on this trip with very lively guests from dive centers in Brazil and Israel! We did our first dive in the Canyon today in the afternoon. It was probably one of the best dives I have done here. My lucky divers and my lucky self saw 6 (!) different species of sharks.

“My lucky divers and my lucky self saw
6 (!) different species of sharks. “

First we saw some white tips, sleeping on the sand and also interspecies hunting with some jacks. At the big rock at the cleaning station we had our resident family of silvertips circling around, they are pretty used to divers by now as they have been around for month so they come right up to divers.

“The Canyon rocks!!”

Then suddenly a Dusky darted in with them and did a few turns around the cleaning station aswell before it zoomed back off into the blue. Over us we had two Silkies swimming towards the dive boat and in the blue we could later see a large Hammerhead swim by slowly it’s features clearly visible.

Right toward the end of the dive a very big and curious Galapagos came up from the deeper waters and cruised in front of us twice getting pretty close. An incredible dive!! The only place I have ever heard of so many different sharks is in baited dives and here we can see them just in their natural behavior!! The Canyon rocks!!

shark at el Canyon
The Canyon corals


We went back to the Canyon again today. We had an amazing day. There was almost no current in the morning. Visibility was around 21m 70ft. We saw dolphins on the first two dives even a baby dolphin. Hammerhead sharks, Silver tips, Galapagos and Oceanic black tips. Mantas were playing with the divers bubbles on all of the dives.

“Mantas were playing with the divers bubbles on all of the dives”

The current got a bit stronger at the end of the day, but that meant we had a lot more sharks. What a great gift of mother nature to be able to see so much life.

A giant manta at the Canyon

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