The Mantas spread the Love


Yesterday weather conditions invited us to visit Roca O´Neil, not every trip we are so lucky. Once again, we were the only dive boat around to enjoy the site. One after another all groups drifted along the wall with the sweet current mesmerized by the gorgeous lava formations, the arches and the chimneys, but most of all the cheeky mantas, going from on group of divers to the next, spreading the love equally without engaging for too long with any.

“The cheeky mantas, going from on group of divers to the next,
spreading the love equally”

The dolphins did the same, picking a group to descend upon from the surface, playing around until we were almost crying with excitement and then leaving for the next bunch of divers. Such a great place to dive, with no one else around, with all this animals to give us their love, just like we had it the day before, and the one before…4 days out of 4 so far.

What a day!!! Cabo Pearce did it again!!! We had one of the most amazing dives ever, after being with 3 mantas for 40 minutes being cleaned by the clarions and being very friendly with the divers.

“2 humpback whales passed right next to us”

We were on our safety stop and 2 humpback whales passed right next to us a mother and its calf deftly the best way to do a safety stop!!!!

The Nautilus Undersea Hunter, what a famous boat! A boat that is part of the diving history: the great Jacques Cousteau himself used this boat during his investigations! It is exciting to be here!!
This is the first time that I come to work on this boat as a dive master, usually I write you from the Nautilus Explorer. At first I was not sure what to expect, new boat, new crew… but since the first day I felt at home in the Undersea. The crew is wonderful, we are a real family and the boat is smaller, with less guests what I learned to like because you get to have a more personal interaction and get to know better everyone of the divers.

“Jacques Cousteau himself used this boat”

Less guests also means less divers in the dive sites which is also a plus about this boat.
In terms of the daily work nothing changes, we have the same standards in all the Nautilus fleet so I didn’t need any adaptation period.
All in all, I’m having a very good experience onboard my new house: The Nautilus Undersea Hunter

Manta spread the love at socorro
humpback sighting during safety stop

The Nautilus Undersea hosted Jacques Cousteau
@Adil Schindler

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