Revillagigedo trip aboard the Nautilus Undersea


First day, ever, in the Revalli… Reville… in the Socorro islands aboard the Nautilus Undersea and we have already feasted with Silver and White pointed Sharks.
But what will stay forever engraved in my memories, is my first in-dive encounter with a Manta Ray, then the second, the third, the fourth… And someone told me this is only the first day!

“what will stay forever engraved in my memories,
is my first in-dive encounter with a Manta Ray”

Current(s), surge, you feel like a clown fish caught in a jacuzzi… bubbling to the left, to the right, to the top, to the bottom… Macarena! Dancing with the sharks, they call it here.

That is… until you see the Whale shark, and every motion stops! I mean, my heart missed a few beats, then started racing to the rhythm of my laughter. Did you hear it underwater?

“until you see the Whale shark, and every motion stops!”

DAY 3 – FROM 5 TO 500
We started 5 for the Roca Partida, but we found ourselves 500 within the Tunas and Marlins… so said Pablo, our (still very nice) Dive Master, when we lost sight of the island and had to be collected by the raft in the middle of nowhere.
Man! I think I saw the coast of Chile… Anyway, in no time we were back on our horses and in the safe harbour of Roca Partida for another frenzy of White Pointed sharks and Tunas.
Enough for today, as tomorrow we meet the Humpback Whales in Socorro – Time to go to sleep.

“we found ourselves 500 within the Tunas and Marlins…”

Warned we’d been, the current would be so strong we would clung to the rocks for safety. But how surprised was I, as I drifted slowly down to the cave haven – an Ark, the locals call it.
That was, until I saw the two cave men fiercely defending the entrance. But wait… these do not carry axes, nor do they eat Mammoth for breakfast. Actually, I spotted them lavishly devouring eggs benedict this morning. Yes, you recognize them, here come our two Canadians lumberjacks yelling to my address: “Get off our Ark, tender foot ‘Manta’! We are the ‘Sharks’, we come first, so says the law of the Nautilus Undersea”.

As I was retreating against so much savagery, a Giant Manta came to my rescue. “Forget these northern Rednecks, and come play with me”, she whispered in my hear. So, there I was, David Cameron-ing the Beauty, when one of the aforementioned Beasts bubbled in my line of sight. “Hey, get off my lane”, shouted I, “I am a ‘Manta’, these marvels are not meant for you ‘Sharks”, and faithful to the ‘Mantra’ I was rewarded with forty-five (yes, that’s 45!) minutes of Giant Manta dance. What else?

“I was, David Cameron-ing the Beauty”

Decided to dive with the ‘Sharks’ today, on some sort of intuition, and following the invite of our Canadian cousins. We were drifting slowly on the top of the lava flow, bubbling to the right, bubbling to the left, the surge playing with us like ice rocks in a glass of whiskey (for those who can bare the vision). Suddenly, the party came to a halt, our scout had spotted two Hammer sharks in the distance. Then, while we were gently tip toing towards the tool set, a knock on my shoulder startled me in a U-turn.

There came a column of Dolphins, that certainly did not want to make war, but peace. Quinn and Sam had their hands out. The mammals came to have their bellies rubbed by the two. You do not have to believe me, cause I have it full on video. That’s Dolphin porn caught on tape.

“There came a column of Dolphins”

Giant Manta and Diver at Socorro, Nautilus Undersea
Whale shark at Socorro
Tuna at Socorro, Nautilus Undersea

roca o'neal Nautilus Undersea
Hammerhead shark at Socorro
Dolpins, Nautilus Undersea

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