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Usually on a liveaboard (and we have been on very many over the decades) we find that there are one or two crew members who stand out because they really care about what they are doing and are accordingly very attentive to their guests. On this trip it is EVERYONE who stands out!
From the moment we boarded and began our trip, we sensed a genuine caring and concern, not only for our safety but also for our overall happiness. Each and every member of this team really cares. This is a really cohesive team.
Everyone is extremely caring, attentive and genuinely happy for us when we accomplish our goals and experience what it is that we most want to achieve. They have also been very helpful when anyone needed anything, they are always observing and are anticipatory with their assistance.
It is only our second day of diving, with six more days to go ~ and I am already perfectly content having checked off my list of close encounters with mantas and so many playful dolphins ~ all within just a few feet of us! B.L.I.S.S!
Apart from the diving team, my most sincere gratitude and appreciation is offerred to Chef Julio. He is the first chef. in very many trips who actually LISTENED to my requests and honoured them all. His meals are excellent!
I have very particular vegetarian cuisine requests, and without me having to say anything to him, he made sure to communicate with me, as soon as I boarded, that he understood all of my particular needs and that they would be honoured. THANK YOU!
Here’s to the next week ~ it is already an exceptional experience!
KUDOS to the whole team…

Geraldina, Naples, FL

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