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We are only 4 trips into our Socorro season this winter and I can say we have seen everything!! The mantas and Dolphins have been everywhere and so friendly it clearly seems they were missing us during the off season ???? We even had a big pod of 20 plus dolphins with babies that has been visiting us on different dive sites around Socorro island as if they were following the boat!

Also, Whalesharks have been a regular sighting this season especially at Roca Partida. And we have seen more than 5 different Tigersharks at San Benedicto Island in the last week. This usually very shy shark has made several surprise visits at the cleaning station mixing in with the resident Galapagos and Silvertip sharks. What got our guests the most excited though was the crazy numbers of Scaloped Hammerheads at the Canyon. We saw them schooling on many dives, even in small currents they seem to come very close to the reef and swimming as a school over the dive site, no need to search in the blue! Twice we saw schools with more than 100 individuals!! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings!!

Divemaster Jessie, Nautilus Explorer

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