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Everyone was curious to see the split rock, aka Roca Partida, somewhere out in the Pacific ocean miles and miles away from any other piece of land. The majority of us had seen pictures of the rock formation that is covered with “Mexican snow” (aka bird poop) but the real thing was a pretty awesome sight. Surprising that many birds travel so far with no land in sight and to me it is a miracle that the rock still stands with the amount of swell exposure it has day in and day out. Below the water the rock is also exposed to quit some current that attracts a lot of marine life. The amount of white-tipped reef sharks and different type of Jacks swimming at different levels up and down the rock flashed us all. Occasionally a Oceanic Manta, a Silver Tip or a Hammer Head passed by. On all four dives we could hear the singing and communication of the Humpback Whales – everyone kept getting back in the water with the hope that one would surprise us and give us a once-in-a-lifetime-moment. Quite often we saw them from the boat at the surface but every time rather far away from the rock. Today was not supposed to be our lucky day with regards to the whales but we still have two days of great diving ahead of us and as we know, anything can happen! Keeping fingers crossed.

Lara, Lucerne, Switzerland

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