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Captain Beto and the crew decided to spend day 4 and 5 back in San Benedicto. We have been spoiled with calm seas but we all noticed that the over night ride was a bit more bumpy compared to the others. We awoke to a gray morning at the Boyler divesite. Apparently in the morning the chances to see Dolphins there are rather high so we all jumped in the water very motivated to see them. On dive 1 the only thing we saw in the murky waters were our fellow divers. What saved the dive in terms of amusement was Roger trying to communicate to a group he thought was ours (admitingly two divers could easily be mistaking for our Rene and Luca while a girl with long blond hair was a total stranger)…..he first indicated that we saw something amazing and then gave them the “stinky fingers” and only then noticed in shock that we did not know a single diver in the group. The rest of our group had too noticed the mistake and we all bursted into laughter first under and then after surfacing over water. It turned out that the other group of divers came from the Nautilus Explorer! Uups, I think we did not make new friends! As the conditions were not optimal (and thanks to Rogers misbehavior :-), the crew decided to drive over to the Canyon dive site we had started our safari on. We enjoyed another three good dives (dive 3 being the best and luckily everyone was in the water on that dive) having encounters with Hammerheads, Galapagos Sharks, Silver-Tips and Mantas. As every day on this trip, the crew spoiled us with amazing food throughout the whole day providing us with much energy. Bring on the final day – we look forward to it!

Lara, Lucerne, Switzerland

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