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“Masks on, regs in your mouth, 1-2-3…” the roll back splashdown shocked me with a quick chill and I enter another world on the same planet. I lose myself and you find myself. Submerge, find my balance, and leave the surface world behind. Whitetip sharks give me a quick glance, as the jacks school up. I love that I can join the aquatic world. Upon a quick spin to view out into “the blue,” an unrivaled level of majesty appears. A graceful black and silver giant appears sweeping in slowly, curious about our visit. Our divemasters instruct us to hang back and be still. This enormous beauty will come to us if she sees fit. A second manta of the black variety appears and joins his friend. They are checking out our presence with caution or curiousity, and seeking out a swim through our bubbles. The excitement and joy delivered at their presence is beyond words. It was my first experience with Mantas, and took place on the first dive of this trip. Magnificent would be an understatement. After a long awaited beginning to this trip, this was a tremendous start to what is proving to be an amazing trip. The captain and crew is wonderful, the chef is a wizard of the highest order, the hostess’s are quick with a smile and perfectly attentive. This is a beautiful craft and I give it my highest recommendation.

Jay from Montgomery, IL, USA

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