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I’m a coward. I don’t do anything remotely brave until I hit the sea. I love the calm, the beauty and the whole other world to be explored. This was my second Nautilus experience but also my 12th liveaboard. The crew are outstanding, nothing is too much trouble but they also intermingle and have fun. We are all in this together.

I love the geology under the water, the little things and the big things. I love the Mantas and they didn’t disappoint, I love, love, love them. Even the one that caught me unawares and had me be video laughter for my fellow divers. Luckily you couldn’t hear me squeal!
I didn’t see a dolphin or a whale under water but plenty on the surface. I wasn’t sad. I loved the hammerheads and the different types of sharks. I love that on day one you count the sharks and by mid week you don’t even bother. How blessed we are.
I recommend Nautilus to every diver. Safety is paramount, I felt well briefed and nothing was too much trouble. From dives and whale watching before we got on the boat to every amazing meal. I so hope to be back.

Debra Lilley, Ballynure (Northern Ireland)

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