Dive Report, Nautilus Belle Amie

All around the islands of the Archipelago of Revillagigedo we have the chance to have different groups of dolphins and meeting them underwater is very common, as they swim up to us, clicking and cheering and eager for a human watching tour! it is not rare to see a mum and her calf swimming up to the diver, the calf a little bit shy at first, glued to the side of its mum, as she circles the divers as to say: “look kid, these funny things making bubbles are humans and harmless.” The friendliest encounters seem to be regularly at Cabo Pearce on Socorro, and the Boiler in San Benedicto, where there are cleaning stations and the dolphins seem to hang around in family pod and are more keen for a close interaction. In the canyon in San Benedicto we have been seeing them regularly chasing the jacks, until they make them puke…to eat the regurgitated fish! not very appealing for us, but a delicacy for dolphins and an easy catch i guess. Sometimes the dolphins come as we are exiting the water, and when they do so, we jumped again for a snorkeling with them at the surface.

Divemaster Yann, Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

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