Dive Report, Nautilus UnderSea March 16th 2020

Welcome to Roca Partida! The probably most famous rock in the dive world stands in front of us… Our awesome Canadian group is exited to dive this site… as always expectations are high but I am pretty confident that Roca is not gonna disappoint… how could “she”? just the sheer walls are already fantastic and of course we are going to see some sharks and whatever Roca is gonna have as extra!!! we already saw Dolphins playing at the surface this morning just before te dive. Its a quiet swelly day but as soon as we hit the water we have perfect Roca conditions, a mild current and an awesome visibility… guess what we almost jumped on a Manta! Hahaha, welcome to Roca Partida! This Manta stayed with us half of the dive and came closer and closer, almost touching some of the divers, standing still above some of them and interacting “hard”! That Manta left broken hearts behind her wing beats… Its so cool when Mantas just stay above you, almost immobile it looks so majestic, fairy like, just wow! it makes everybody feel so humble and grateful. And that day we were going to see much more, up to four Mantas circling and swimming between the divers at one time… Beside that we saw Hammerheads in the blue, a school of Skip Jacks hunted by Silkies, White Tips swimming in gigantic schools of Jacks, a big Yellow Fin Tuna making his rounds, Galapagos circling close to the wall, a Wahhoo passing by and Silver Tips trowing an eye on the divers, Roca shows us why every body wants to dive this site… Its a one of a lifetime dive absolutely mind blowing. Big ocean animals in an almost ridiculous amount; “Roca Rules”. After an amazing day of diving people had a presentation abunt Mantas just to add some education to the fantastic dives and its a very welcome entertainment. Later the group shared a tasty dinner prepared by our awesome Undersea Hunter galley crew and shared stories and emotions of interactions with some ocean creatures. The mood is at its best, it cant re
ally get much better! After dinner guest and crew had a little time to socialize and exchange knowledge and stories, the true and not so true dive stories, hahaha, where fishes get bigger and depths deeper ;). We lifted the anchor and are heading to San Benedicto again to probably dive “El Canyon”…Roca is outstanding in this outstanding archipelago, one of the top site on a top spot… Roca Partida, Archipelago Revillagigedo, dont forget that name and come soon you will not believe it, all the stories are true, here you dont have to make up the story… bye bye Roca as always you were Jawsome and Finstastic!!!

Divemaster Pascal, Nautilus Undersea

By Nautilus Crew

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