No crew lay-offs, back-up plan to ensure everyone gets home.

These are terrible and difficult times.  

 Our strength is our crew and staff.  There will be no crew lay-offs at Nautilus without paycheque or stipend.   

Nobody has to worry about getting back to USA and Canada. #sharkexpress is on standby if needed for rescue flights.    Pictured here on a donated medivac flight to Socorro Island last December, #sharkexpress and Captain Mike are ready to head down and fly anybody back to San Diego who would be otherwise stranded.

We know first hand how bad things are.  Our medical director is an ex-military anaesthesiologist on the front line intubating patients with the virus.  It’s risky work especially with the added danger of viral loading to heath care workers.  We are using every bit of advice and information available to offer the safest environment on board that we can.   Take care.  Stay safe.. Please stay healthy

Captain Mike



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