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Enthusiastic crew and excellent diving! All of the dives from the Undersea Hunter were delightful, and the crew was fantastic! So much life, under water and on board. Each site brought its own character, though the Boiler treated us the best. Never have I encountered such friendly mantas! Just got up from the last dive of the trip, and I have to say that without the delicious meals we would never have made it to the end. Shout out to the chef! The whole crew has been very welcoming and knowledgable, and has facilitated some of the best dives that I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. Of course, no liveaboard is complete without good company, and our fellow passengers, all German speaking, have made us feel among friends. This was not the first, and will certainly not the last that this company will hear from us. Thanks a bunch!

Matt, Roy, and Sam – Alaska, USA

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