Guest Blog, Nautilus Explorer 2020/03/23

What an absolutely EPIC trip! Our second time here in the Revillagigedo Archipelago and definitely not our last!! Each trip is unique and special and different – with different experiences at each island. As a special treat, we were able to see humpbacks and false killer whales on this trip. And, of course, there were sharks everywhere – from the incredibly abundant white-tipped shark balconies of Roca Partida to silver tips, Galapagos sharks, hammerheads, and silkies; there were sharks on every dive. But, the highlight for me was today at the Boiler – when a female mobula birostris spent the entire dive eyeing my buddies and I. She made pass after pass watching us, watching her. We were ALL mesmerized! It was the best pelagic manta encounter we’ve ever had! And, this is after we had thought we wouldn’t top our manta encounters at Cabo Pearce earlier in the week! The divers, the entire TEAM on the Nautilus Explorer, the food, the Revilla Arch locations; there wasn’t a thing that wasn’t absolutely stunning! We will be back! Thanks for everything,

Kimberly Tripp Randal, Redmond, Washington – USA

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