Scenic tour of the mangroves and the beach.

Today we were in for another treat, Baja California style! After a deeper dive to an underwater seamount full of Mexican hornsharks, which location will remain secret – except for nautilus divers! – we headed to the island of San Jose for some more dives, and a scenic tour of the mangrove and the beach. I like to think that the beaches around the Sea of Cortez they are as beautiful as the Caribbean, with turquoise blue water and white sand, and replacing the palm trees for Cardon cactus, just another but as an iconic postcard. So we headed with the inflatables towards this pristine beach and entered the shallow water that leads to canals flowing through the mangrove. We pass along the tree roots, turtle hoping the head here and there, beautiful landscape with the red mountains of the island, the cactus forest, the Cara- Cara birds seating on top of the cactus. Then we jumped in the water for an Indiana Jones type of snorkel through the maze of tree roots. It was a different settings, completely new underwater vegetation and some fish hiding in the roots and on the sand floor. We ended the day with a night dive that got everyone pretty exciting, with loads of nudis, small octopuses, crustaceans and sleeping parrotfish. Millions of stars awaiting the divers back at the surface and the Nautilus signature hot chocolate with baileys. What a day!
DM Yann, Belle Amie

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